Booking in early for external decorating work

Picture those balmy, lazy summer days on the banks of the River Thames. Where time seems to slow, all your worries disappear and life is good. Well this is pretty close to what it feels like when we are working on one of our external painting and decorating jobs on one of the houses on the river in Henley. In this article we are going to go on to explain importance of booking in early for external decorating work.

However, the unpredictable English summer often interrupts this fantasy and it soon becomes clear that the reality of the weather in this country is what dictates the work we are able to carry out externally each year. With the opportunity window often being only two or three months of what is often still fairly uncertain weather. Therefore, it’s never too early to get these jobs booked into the summer schedule.

Book in early for external decorating work

Every year clients come to us when the summer is already well underway thinking it’s time they thought about getting their house exteriors painted. Most of the time that is way too late, we have already filled in any available slots we may have had in the diary well before June or July.

This is not just the case for Brierty Decoration, it’s likely that any decent decorator in the area is going to be the same. If you leave it too late the chances are it’s going to be very difficult to find someone who can carry out your external painting and decorating requirements.

Then of course you are faced with the possibility of not getting the work done that’s necessary to provide continued protection to your property. It’s a completely false economy to ‘leave it for another year’ since once the sun does its damage causing the cracks in the paintwork in the first place, the wet weather then gets into the wood and the damage is done. Instead of the usual cost of your external decoration you might be facing at least a 50% increase due to the repairs required and the additional preparation time this entails, or worse still you might be looking at complete window replacement.

The time window for external painting & decorating

People often think there is more time during the summer to carry out exterior painting and decorating than there really is. You will see plenty of people doing external work in the late spring and early autumn but depending on the weather these are not really the best times to be doing this work, despite the fact the clear bright sun soaked days may make it appear otherwise.

The problem is, whether it has rained or not there is often dampness in the air in the early mornings and evenings during this time, which can cause problems with preparation (think damp, water covered window sills), and of course the drying time of the paint. It’s never a good idea to be painting outside when the sun is going down since the rising moisture levels in the air mean the paint is never going to cure properly and provide the protection expected. What this means of course is that your shiny newly painted windows look great for a year or two, but they simply do not last as long as they should and the bill for redecorating comes around again much sooner than it should.

So remember to book in early for external decorating work. We never like to let clients down and always try to fit work in when we can but with only a small dedicated team of full time staff and the fact that we rarely use sub-contractors there are only so many days available to us for completion of external work.

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Decorating in Henley

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Brierty Decoration carry out quality interior and exterior decoration projects all over Oxfordshire but much of our work is concentrated on the Henley, Marlow and Maidenhead areas. Please contact us to discuss your project as we are always happy to provide advice and guidance and of course free quotations.

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